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About TC

About TC

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Our Students, at a Glance

There are 5023 students enrolled at Teachers College. Approximately 77 percent are women, and among US Citizens, 13.3 percent are African American, 14.6 percent are Asian American, 13.5 percent are Hispanic / Latino/a, and 3.5 percent have identified with two or more ethnicities. The student body is composed of 20.2 percent international students from eighty-four different countries and nearly 80 percent domestic students from all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

College Profile 2017-2018

Total enrollment: 5547
New Degree Students: 1743
Fall Enrollment: 1265 
Summer Enrollment: 478

Total Enrollment Chart 2017-2018

Degree Level

Masters: 3865  (70%)
Doctoral: 1284  (23%)
Non-degree: 398  (7%) 

Degree Level Chart 2017-2018‌‌‌‌


Full-time: 1666  (30%)
Part time:
3881  (70%)

Median Student Age: 30 years

Students Chart 2017-2018

Gender Diversity of Matriculated Students

Female: 4197  (76%)
Male: 1201  (22%)
No Answer: 149  (3%) 

Gender Chart 2017-2018

Among Domestic Students Only (Excludes International, Other and Unknown)

Domestic Students Chart 2017-2018

African-American: 557  (12.7%)
Asian-American: 564  (12.9%)
Latino/a: 594  (13.6%)
Native American: 6  (0.1%)
Two or More: 134  (3.1%)
Caucasian: 2266  (51.8%)
Other & Unknown: 256  (5.8%)

Among International Students Only (Excludes Other and Unknown)

International Students Chart 2017-2018

International students: 657

Africa: 6  (0.9%)
Asia: 492  (74.9%)
Canada: 38  (5.8%)
Europe: 40  (6.1%)
Latin America & Caribbean: 50  (7.6%)
Middle East & North Africa: 31  (4.7%)



Did You Know?

There are more than 5,000 students enrolled at Teachers College.

Columbia University Alma MaterIn 1898, Teachers College became affiliated with Columbia University as a professional school for the training of teachers while retaining its legal and financial independence. Later that year, Teachers College and Columbia University adopted an affiliation agreement.

Mary Adelaide Nutting TC was home to the first university-based instructional program for nursing educators and administrators, created by Mary Adelaide Nutting.

James Earl RussellThe field of comparative international education originated at TC, where James Earl Russell taught the world’s first course in foreign school system.

John DeweyIn 1904, John Dewey, influential proponent of the progressive education movement, joined the faculty.

There are nearly 5,400 students enrolled at Teachers College.

TC offers the world's first graduate program in Learning Analytics through an innovative curriculum dedicated to improving education through technology and data analysis.

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