Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Considering a gift of stock to Teachers College? This link will take you to our Stock Transmittal Form. You can fill it out yourself or you can send it along to your broker who can execute your wishes.

In order for us to properly acknowledge your gift it is important that you notify TC of the transaction, name of donor, name of stock and number of shares transferred. If you have questions, please call 212-678-3231.

Please note that gifts of stock, especially at the end of the calendar year, are a popular vehicle for giving, and paperwork can be delayed by sheer volume. Stock gifts are credited by date of transfer to TC and should be completed by 12/29/17 this year (as the 30th and 31st are weekend days when many banks are closed) for tax credit in 2017. In order to ensure that your gift will be completed for the year 2017, you should make your gift at least seven to ten working days before December 31.