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President Fuhrman In EdSurge: Let’s Educate the Public About What Educators Do

TC President Susan Fuhrman (Photo: Candace DiCarlo)
TC President Susan Fuhrman (Photo: Candace DiCarlo)

Teachers College President Susan Fuhrman is extensively quoted in an EdSurge story about the role of modern teachers. The public’s understanding of what teachers do is evolving as researchers and practitioners gain more insight into learning, Fuhrman says. The latter effort is something she says Teachers College is trying to promote through its website and other outreach activities.

“We have to educate the public about what teachers have to do to capitalize on learning and what we know about learning,” Fuhrman says. She adds that education policy must be based on research.

Fuhrman also notes the problem of disrespect in the United States for the teaching profession. She contrasts that situation with Singapore, where the teaching profession is highly paid and respected.

In the United States, “there is a thought that because people went to school, that they know what school is [and] how teachers should teach and how students [should] learn,” explains Fuhrman. “It is like having a housing secretary who lived in a house. It is not the preparation that you need. It is a great disservice to the knowledge base underlying education.”

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Published Thursday, Jul 13, 2017