Dance Teacher magazine has made a profile of Teachers College faculty member Barbara Bashaw the cover story of its March/April issue.

Bashaw (Ed.D. ’11, M.A. ’96) is the College’s Arnhold Professor of Practice in Dance Education, director of its dance education doctoral program, and executive director of its newly launched Arnhold Institute for Dance Education Research, Policy & Leadership. The story, by Kathryn Holmes, describes her as “a pioneer” in dance education and “an inspiring force in teacher training” who uses her past experience as a public school teacher as “a touchstone.”

In the story, Bashaw articulates her vision for building “an international community with a shared interest in dance teaching and learning” – a goal, she says, that will require “developing researchers and championing research that will push public policy.”

Barbara always says, ‘Children are not waiting to be artists. They are artists.’

—Jody Gottfried Arnhold

The piece also quotes New York City dance teacher, advocate and benefactor Jody Gottfried Arnhold (M.A. ’73), who with her husband, John, funded creation of TC’s doctoral program and dance institute with gifts totaling nearly $11 million.

“Barbara always says, ‘Children are not waiting to be artists. They are artists,’” says Arnhold, who receives a separate shout-out in the editor’s note that opens the magazine’s March/April issue. “But she also sees how dance education nurtures children as learners, as human beings and as citizens.”

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