Dear TC faculty,

Given the challenges presented by Covid19, we are working to make sure that our classroom-based courses are prepared to be offered online if necessary. 

A top priority will be for all instructional staff to complete a very brief Academic Continuity Questionnaire. This will help us assess your needs and determine the resources and support that may be required. It is MANDATORY that you complete this questionnaire no later than Sunday, March 8. Thank you!

Click here to complete the questionnaire.

The planning checklist below is to help you take the next steps in your academic continuity preparations.

TC Academic Continuity Planning Checklist

  1. Post updated syllabus on Canvas
    Students should have the most recent version of your syllabus to reflect any changes to the content or schedule as needed. 

  2. Organize course files in Canvas
    Students should be able to locate files quickly and easily. Another option is to organize your content on the Modules page.

  3. Publish your Canvas course and publish each item and Module you would like students to see
    Students will only receive your Canvas Announcements and see the content if your course is published.

  4. Familiarize yourself with using Zoom
    Zoom is the web conferencing tool used at TC for teaching online. Schedule an individual Zoom practice session by emailing

Thank you for your cooperation.

President Thomas Bailey & Provost Stephanie Rowley