Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Budget and Planning is to facilitate efficient and effective resource allocation, decision making and strategic planning for the College community and its constituents.


The role of the Office of Budget and Planning group is: 1) to provide guidance and direction to budget administrators through the implementation of best practices and to ensure the adherence to established processes and procedures; and 2) to provide high quality financial analysis and advice to Senior Staff, Cabinet, the President, and the Trustees of the College in order to assist in planning for the future.


The Office of Budget and Planning is responsible for developing and linking the financial strategy of the College to its overall mission and academic initiatives so as to inform the five-year financial plan and the annual operating and capital budgets. 


The Office of Budget and Planning’s ongoing responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain balanced budget plans that provide appropriate resources for the academic and operational goals of the College while maintaining flexibility to address new needs and/or opportunities
  • Manage the strategic five-year financial plan and annual target-setting processes 
  • Maintain a forward-looking approach to budgeting
  • Seek efficiencies in the day-to-day operation of the College and seek opportunities for resource enhancement
  • Provide periodic forecasts of operating results to enhance and support decision-making at the College
  • Set processes and procedures and ensure proper adherence to these practices
  • Provide budget training and assistance to the community
  • Provide the highest quality customer service
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