The Content - Event content type is used to display the details of an event. An event can be pulled into TC's main event calendar, various eBoards across the college, and event widgets on individual sites managed in TerminalFour CMS. Approval from the Office of Digital Communications is required for displaying an event on the TC homepage and the eBoard.


Create a section in the root level of your site, and name the section "Pulled Events"

Select "Content - Event" from the list of available content types after clicking on the "Create Content" button

Available Fields

Required Fields:

  • Name: Event Name
  • Title: Event Title - should be the same as the Event Name
  • Copy: Include your event description here
  • Starts On/Ends On: Event date and time
  • Target Audience: Choose the audience for the event - you may choose more than one

Recommended Fields:

  • Description: A short description can be helpful to add for sharing to Google calendars
  • Location: Include a physical location. If your event is online, please include that URL in the Copy instead
  • Type: You may choose one event type to categorize your event
  • Contact Person/Email/Phone: Not required, but strongly recommended

Optional Fields:

  • Registration URL: Include a google form, eventbrite page, or other registration link
  • Learn More URL: If there is a dedicated website for the event, you can include the link here
  • Show on Global Calendar: Check this checkbox if you want to include the event on TC's main event calendar
  • Request Display On Eboard/Home Page: Select these checkboxes if you would like your item to appear on the eBoards around campus or on the TC homepage. Subject to approval by the Office of Digital Communications
  • Image: Add a thumbnail to your event listing. Recommended size: 1200 pixels (width) by 800 pixels (height)
  • Flyer Image: Add a flyer image to your event listing. Recommended size: 628 pixels (width) by 700 pixels (height)
  • Social Card Title/Description/Image: If you want to share the event via Twitter, you can replace the title/description/image of the Twitter card if you fill in these fields