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Spring 2011

Why our Students are Most likely to Succeed at Changing the World

Volume 35, No. 2


Connecting alumni far and near with Teachers College and each other

She ended up running the University of Pennsylvania, but Claire Fagin's heart has always been by the patient's side

Sue Ann Weinberg is a trustee's trustee--loyal, informed and as passionate as the student she once was


Tony Bass helped start a radical movement in psychoanalysis. Today's it's become mainstream

Carter Stewart was always interested in equity issues in education. He didn't figure on ending up as a U.S. Attorney

Teachers College Alumni Council

A message from Robert Weintraub, President, Teachers College Alumni Association

Andrs Henriquez has helped make teen literacy a national priority

For nearly a decade, the String Group gave a handful of students the space to work through their ideas

Alone and in groups, Janet Miller has devoted her career to examining constructions of identities

Patti Kenner runs a charter transportation business. She made a documentary to honor a friend. Now it's winning accolades

Lisa Miller is a psychologist who believes in the power of spirituality and the reality of the unseen

TC's Andrew Gordon has developed a bimanual therapy for cerebral palsy that could change the field

Yupha (Sookcharoen) Udomsakdi fled her life in a rural village and became Thailand's Minister of Education and a leading public health advocate

Ammany Khattab has created a vibrant school that's bringing Muslim education into the 21st century

TC's Summer Principals Academy is breaking new ground in preparing 21st century school leaders

For disaster preparedness researcher Tom Chandler, geography is a key variable in the survival equation

In projects in impoverished areas of Mexico and Costa Rica, Katy De La Garza has learned as much as she's taught

Tim Ignaffo and friends are introducing teens to philosophy

Through research and oral history, Jondou Chen is probing the experiences of students from different backgrounds

Scholarships created by TC's late Board Vice Chair Arthur Zankel have extended the College's tradition of urban service

Vanessa Li knows how tough it can be for Asian immigrant teens

Ellen Livingston is exploring the power of documentary film in social studies education

Regina Casale uses film to foster a sense of global citizenship in middle school students

A unique, five-day experience immerses TC students in the world of education policy

Frank Golom has been on the front lines of culture change. Now he's discovered a career in teaching about it

Shannon Bishop sees computers as a means to promote English skills in South Africa

Artist and doctoral student Jun Gao uses long-term exposure photography to capture unseen qualities of stillness and light

Jonathan Gyurko's new firm is shaping a nation's education system

Inspired by Maxine Greene, Gail Russell is pursuing an academic career while staying true to her roots

When education nonprofits need private funds, Lisa Philp plays matchmaker

Sylwia Wdowiak knows a bit about struggling as a student. That's why she joined TC's new teaching residency program

Phil Choong is in the middle of all things second language at TC

Christiane Baker got interested in food when her mom stopped cooking. Now she's a leader in garden-based nutrition education for kids

Courage and Advocacy are what separate the teachers who merely know and do from our teachers, who know and do the right thing.

Adam Kelley understands how dangerous slurs can be--and he's shared that lesson with his students

Nancy Mata, a former undocumented immigrant, has found a balance between being an educator and an advocate

Artesius Miller is starting a charter school in Atlanta. His great-grandmother would approve

Helping his students improve has made Victor Lin a better musician and human being

Nathan Alexander wants to ensure that other minority students pursue studies in math

While still a doctoral student, Kate Tarrant has published two books on early childhood education. Her co-author is no slouch, either

Mary Skipper believes schools need to work together to succeed. She has a fan in the White House

The first kindergarten class is expected to begin this coming fall

TC is launching a new Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis (EPSA) to serve as a central academic hub for the College's education policy work across all phases of educational and human development, with both a national and global focus.

Ernest Morrell will lead TC's signature urban institute into a new era

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