Volume 36, No. 2 | Teachers College Columbia University

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Spring/Summer 2012

Rewiring the Learning Landscape:
TC is breaking new ground in applying technology to education

Volume 36, No. 2


Alice Wilder is an award-winning developer of educational children's media who talks and listens to kids and represents their voices throughout production.
Nabeel Ahmad (Ed.D., '09, Instructional Technology and Media) believes everyone has something to learn from mobile apps
To engage young people in learning, Jack McGourty poses real-world problems ranging from designing a robot to running a business
Matthew Pittinsky and Parchment inc. are revolutionizing the analysis of academic credentials
... you may be the better for it, argues Manu Kapur
Karen Gourgey (Ed.D., '83) champions the use of tactile maps and other tools that help people who are blind or visually impaired
As President and COO Of Wireless Generation, Josh Reibel has learned to follow the data
Daniel Schwartz (TC '88, '92) has created software that puts students in the driver's seat
Class notes
Alumni News
A user-friendly design and programming language has gone viral, with help from some advocates at TC
John Black and his students are leaders in exploring technology that makes use of grounded cognition
By "gamifying" science and other subjects, Joey Lee is getting students to take an active approach to their learning
Software that taps emotions and explicates a mysterious process
Chuck Kinzer uses technology to understand the role of motivation in education
A digital game developed by TC students could help end that three-pack-a-day habit
States were collecting a mountain of school data that no one looked at. Priscilla Wohlstetter is using it to learn what makes charter schools tick
A repository for information generated by the new education technologies stands as a model for the field
Asking the right questions to assess math knowledge in kids
Teachers have long struggled to understand the learning issues of each individual student. Now technology is helping them do the job. Who knew?
TC President Susan Fuhrman has convened an effort to bolster a formalized field of educational data-mining
Supporting students through the TC Fund

To err is human -- but machines can do it, too. Sandra Okita believes we can learn from their mistakes

Gary Natriello: Uniting Our House behind Education Technology
A charter network models a marriage between technology and traditional teaching
Educators can no longer engage students by print or linguistic means alone
Did anybody dare predict that so many would learn so much with so little expert guidance?
The new tools are only as good as the educational models that employ them
News @ TC
First Editions: Members of the TC Community in Print
President's Letter