Dear Students and Supervisors/Hiring Managers,

In an effort to accommodate all Federal Work Study (FWS) students, the College will pay all previously hired FWS students for the hours they were scheduled to work from March 9, 2020 until the end of the Spring term, May 12, 2020, for each Work Study position they hold. Please read below for further details:

  • Students will be paid biweekly based on the total remaining hours for which they were scheduled to work. Supervisors will confirm work schedules through May 12, 2020.This may not be the same as the remaining amounts from their authorized earnings or the entire amount of the federal award originally offered.

    • Example: A student who was offered a total Work Study amount of $9,000 for the 2019-2020 aid year but was only hired to earn $4,500 from their current position will only receive the remaining amount they would have earned through May 12, 2020, up to the authorized $4,500.

  • Supervisors/hiring managers must confirm which student employees are: 1) able to work remotely, 2) able to complete a portion of work remotely, or 3) unable to work remotely.  This should be submitted via email to the Office of Financial Aid.

  • All students who are able to complete their scheduled FWS hours remotely should continue working remotely under the guidance of their supervisor.

  • If a student is able to complete some but not all of their originally scheduled total hours remotely, they will be asked to complete whatever specific portion of their tasks can be done remotely, but should submit timesheets and will be paid to reflect their original, scheduled total hours.

  • Students will continue to submit supervisor-approved online timesheets in a timely manner via their TC Portal for each pay period they are scheduled to work. 

  • Students whose job records are no longer active are not eligible to receive additional funding beyond the amount that was previously earned.

  • Students with active job records who have not yet submitted an actual timesheet for the 2019-2020 aid year are not eligible as there has been no previous documentation of hours worked.

  • New Work Study hires who have not yet submitted a timesheet for the 2019-2020 aid year must  have a current schedule on file with the Office of Financial Aid before they are able to be paid for their first timesheet. 


We thank you for your patience during this time as we have been working to provide you all with up to date information as it is received on our end.


Please continue to contact us with any questions you may have. 






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