Year End Procedures

Year-End Procedures

Year-End Procedures

Dates and times vary from year to year; please refer to the Year End memo sent out by the Office of the Controller in the summer, which includes deadlines for:

  • Invoices
  • Accruals
  • Purchase Orders (PO will roll over, but not budget)
  • PAF/ePAF


If the deadlines outlined in the memo are not met, charges will be booked against the following year's budget.


As part of the College’s year-end process, NSFs are checked regularly by the Office of Budget and Planning and departments are promptly notified of the need to submit a budget transfer. Given the quick turnaround of our closing process, budget transfers will need to be submitted expeditiously as outlined by our communication (generally within 24 hours). Any NSF not resolved in that time frame will be charged against the subsequent fiscal year’s budget.

Any remaining balance on an operating (1xxxxx) index be cannot be carried over to the subsequent fiscal year.

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